A large part of our website work is in the area of front end website design and management. We have actually been doing websites for well over eight years and work in partnership with a host to manage the security, file structure, database, and back-end component. Our role is to design, update, and manage content as well as website optimization, assisting with or setting up a social media for some of our clients.

In many situations a set website design fee is determined after understanding each client’s needs, after the initial consultation we create a test site for perusal. Being primarily in the photography field for the last twenty years allows us to offer more than just one aspect of a website being launched or updated. I’ve found that over time most websites need great images to help tell a story with pictures of the people, places, products, or things that make the company they promote.

Another part of what we do in the website area is charge reasonable fees and maintain a “keep it simple and functional” philosophy. Most of the sites we do will have a set monthly fee to manage the updates. Also, the majority of our websites will make some changes every month, some daily, some less frequent. Many of our sites also have some aspect of search engine optimization. Let us know how we can help you.